Science Fiction Audio Cassettes

Whether you're listening in the car or buying a Christmas gift for someone else, these books on tape fit the bill. Pick the one that matches your price range and one of your favourite authors.

$83.95Audio CassetteStranger in a Strange LandRobert A. Heinlein
$73.25Audio CassetteFreedom's ChoiceAnne McCaffrey
$69.96Audio CassetteDouglas Adams : The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy/The Restaurant at the End of the Universe/Life, the Universe, and Everything/So Long, and Thanks For all the FishDouglas Adams
$62.95Audio CassetteFridayRobert Heinlein, Robert McQuay (Narrator)
$57.25Audio CassetteFreedom's LandingAnne McCaffrey
$44.95Audio CassetteTarzan of the ApesEdgar Rice Burroughs, James Slattery
$36.95Audio CassetteTarzan and the Jewels of OparEdgar Rice Burroughs
$32.95Audio CassetteAt the Earth's CoreEdgar Rice Burroughs
$29.95Audio CassetteChronicles of Pern (6 Cassettes)Anne McCaffrey
$27.97Audio CassetteAll the Weyrs of PernAnne McCaffrey, Mark Rolston (Narrator)
$26.59Audio CassetteA Swiftly Tilting PlanetMadeleine L'Engle (Narrator)
$24.95Audio CassetteLand That Time Forgot/CassetteEdgar Rice Burroughs
$20.99Audio CassetteA Wrinkle in TimeMadeleine L'Engle
$20.97Audio CassetteDolphins of PernAnne McCaffrey
$20.97Audio CassetteThe Planet Pirates : Generation Warriors/Sassinak/the Death of Sleep/CassetAnne McCaffrey, et al
$20.97Audio CassetteThe Petaybee Trilogy : Powers That Be, Power Lines and Power PlayAnne McCaffrey, et al
$18.17Audio CassetteDragonsdawnAnne McCaffrey
$18.17Audio CassetteThe White DragonAnne McCaffrey
$18.17Audio CassetteDragonseyeAnne McCaffrey, Dick Hill (Narrator)
$17.50Audio CassetteDirk Gently's Holistic Detective AgencyDouglas Adams
$17.50Audio CassetteWilliam Shatner and Leonard Nimoy Read Four Science Fiction Classics : Foundation : The Psychohistorians/Mimsy Were the Borogoves/The Martian Chronicles/The Green Hills of EarthIsaac Asimov, Henry Kuttner, Ray Bradbury, Robert A.Heinlein
$17.47Audio CassetteThe Hitchhikers Guide to the GalaxyDouglas Adams
$17.47Audio CassetteSo Long and Thanks for All the Fish/CassettesDouglas Adams
$17.47Audio CassetteThe Restaurant at the End of the Universe/Audio CassettesDouglas Adams
$17.47Audio CassetteMostly Harmless/Audio CassettesDouglas Adams
$17.47Audio CassetteLife, the Universe and Everything/Audio CassetteDouglas Adams
$16.99Audio CassetteFridayRobert Heinlein, Samantha Eggar
$16.77Audio CassetteDamiaAnne McCaffrey
$16.77Audio CassetteThe Renegades of Pern (The Dragonriders of Pern)Anne McAffrey, Anne McCaffrey
$16.77Audio CassetteMoreta : Dragonlady of Pern/CassettesAnne McCaffrey
$16.77Audio CassetteFreedoms Landing (Cassettes)Anne McCaffrey, Susie Breck (Narrator)
$16.77Audio CassetteFreedom's ChoiceAnne McCaffrey, et al
$16.77Audio CassetteDragonquestAnne McCaffrey
$16.07Audio CassetteThe RowanAnne McCaffrey
$16.00Audio CassetteDirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency/ 2 CassetteDouglas Adams
$15.37Audio CassetteDamia's ChildrenAnne McCaffrey
$15.37Audio CassetteLyon's PrideAnne McCaffrey
$15.37Audio CassetteDragonflightAnne McCaffrey
$13.97Audio CassetteCrisis on Doona and Treaty on Doona/CassettesS Anne McCaffrey
$13.97Audio CassettePartnership/the Ship Who Searched/the City Who Fought/CassettesMargaret Ball, et al
$12.60Audio CassetteStarship TitanicDouglas Adams
$12.57Audio CassetteThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy : Live in ConcertDouglas Adams
$12.57Audio CassetteThe Ship Who WonAnne McCaffrey, et al
$12.57Audio CassetteThe Girl Who Heard DragonsAnne McCaffrey
$11.87Audio CassetteThe Gods of Mars (Mars Series , No 2)Edgar Rice Burroughs
$11.87Audio CassettePowers That BeAnne McCaffrey, et al
$11.87Audio CassetteFreedoms Landing (Cassettes)Anne McCaffrey
$11.87Audio CassetteFreedom's Choice (Nova Audio Books)Anne McCaffrey, et al
$11.87Audio CassetteDragonseyeAnne McCaffrey
$11.87Audio CassetteThe Warlord of Mars (Mars Series , No 3)Edgar Rice Burroughs
$11.87Audio CassetteThuvia - Maid of Mars (Martian Series , No 4)Edgar Rice Burroughs, Grover Gardner
$11.87Audio CassetteTarzan of the Apes (Cassettes)Edgar Rice Burroughs
$11.87Audio CassetteA Princess of MarsEdgar Rice Burroughs
$11.16Audio CassetteAll the Weyrs of PernAnne McCaffrey
$11.16Audio CassetteAliens Ate My HomeworkBruce Coville, William Dufries (Narrator)
$10.46Audio CassetteThe Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul/Audio CassettesDouglas Adams
$10.46Audio CassetteSqueeze : The X-Files (X-Files (Harpercollins).)Ellen Steiber, Steven Williams (Narrator)
$9.06Audio CassetteTarzan of the ApesEdgar Rice Burroughs
$7.69Audio CassetteShobies StoryUrsula K. Le Guin
$7.69Audio CassetteGuest of HonorRobert Reed
$7.69Audio CassetteSlow BirdsIan Watson
$5.59Audio CassetteFreedom's LandingAnne McCaffrey
$4.86Audio CassetteTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Dove Kids)Jules Verne, et al
$3.49Audio CassetteThe Ship Who Sang, Sundance (Science Fiction, Vol 7)Robert Silverberg, Anne McCaffrey
$3.49Audio CassetteA Taste of Life, the Men and Women of Rivendale, Red As Blood (Horror Stories, Vol 14)Sara Paretsky, Steve Tasnic Tem, Tanith Lee
Not yet availableAudio CassetteThe Salmon of Doubt/CassettesDouglas Adams

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