Clubs and Discotheques

I didn't get deeply into this part of Cancun so I will just briefly summarize what I know.

  • Take a ride through the main part of the hotel zone each afternoon to check which clubs are offering no cover charges or special events that evening. If you time things right, you should never have to pay any cover charges.
  • Expect nothing to be open until after 10 PM, and nothing much to start happening until 11:30 PM.
  • Drinks, while still relatively cheap in the clubs, are more expensive than in the regular restaurant/bars. Have a few "primer" drinks before heading to the club.
  • I found it better to take a taxi to the club and the bus back to the hotel than the other way around. Less noise and aggravation to start the evening, and less chance of being overcharged at the end of the evening.

La Boom

Techno-rave style dance music, very repetitive. (Personally, I found it insipid.) The dancing begins with a rather lame performance by the staff. I really couldn't muster much enthusiasm. It is so much closer to downtown than the others that you probably would not want to take the bus. Usually opens at 10 PM.


"Saturday Night Fever"-style disco music. An acquired taste perhaps. Usually opens at 10 PM. Tuesday is a no-cover night. Tuesday and Friday are usually special event nights.


Also "Saturday Night Fever"-style disco music. Usually opens at 10 PM.

Dady Rock

Classic rock-and-roll. Usually opens at 10 PM.


Reggae featuring live bands. There is never any cover charge. Opens at 9, show starts at 10:30 with an energetic performance by the staff. You may get pulled out onto the small dance floor.

Tequila Rock

Describes its music as "Techno-Salsa". After "La Boom", no thank you.