Television and Movies

If you are a confirmed couch-potato or simply want to take in a movie while in Cancun, you can do it but the choices are very limited. The best selection is of sports in some of the sports bars (which often double as betting establishments).


Unless your hotel advertises a satellite dish with many channels, do not expect to find much US network television in Cancun. There are 2 Spanish-language stations, some movie stations that vary depending on the hotel, and several specialty channels: the Disney channel, ESPN, CNN-SI, the Discovery channel, and so on. You should set your VCR to tape "The X-Files" before coming to Cancun...

Sports Bars

A number of locations advertise various sports channels, US pro and college basketball, NFL football, and so on. Many also advertise sports betting.


Some movie theaters are located:

Movies are typically subtitled (either in English or in Spanish).

The selection is a mix of current and out-of-date (by the standards of the USA). During Christmas 1996, these movies were some of those that were showing:

Perhaps stars with Italian names are extremely popular in Mexico!