Memoirs of a Trombone Player

TromboneI was destined to be a trombone player -- tall, skinny, sometimes with a scraggly beard. When we picked instruments at the age of 9, my destiny was set. Trombone players are outwardly shy but don't let that fool you. The lead trumpet's mouthpiece is missing? Search the trombone player. Dead fish in your locker? You've crossed a trombone player.

As a trombone player, you don't get to be in many grunge bands. Still, when you get to the spot with fff written on the score, that's as loud as you'll ever hear without amplifiers. And no Guns'n'Roses wannabe leaves as much spit onstage.

Trombone players play mostly classical and jazz, and both are fun to play. With classical, you get to play it loud and you get an adrenaline rush when you start in after a long pause (was that rest for 85 bars or 86?). With jazz, you get to personalize each piece, sometimes you get to ad-lib, and as a brass player you usually get to growl. Trombone players get to perform glissandos and "flutter-tongue".

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Classical Repertoire

With the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, I played an excellent sampling of classical music:

Conductor: Charles Zachary Bornstein

Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra concert listings
L'Apres-Midi d'un FauneDebussy
Symphony Number 4Bruckner
Guitar ConcertoComposer not listed
The MessiahHandel
Magic Flute OvertureMozart
Cello ConcertoDvorak
Symphony Number 82, The BearHaydn
Symphony Number 5Beethoven (see also Yahoo)
Symphony Number 4Mahler
Sandburg Songs for Soprano and OrchestraBornstein
Piano Concerto Number 2Rachmaninoff
Symphony Number 7Sibelius
Air on a G StringBach
Information not available
Siegfried IdyllWagner
Shanadithit, Op. 26Michael Parker
D Minor SymphonyCesar Franck
Night on Bald MountainMussorgsky
Eine Kleine Nacht MusikMozart
Mid-Summer Night's DreamMendelssohn
Hall of the Mountain KingGrieg
American in ParisGershwin
Blues in the NightMancini
Star WarsJohn Williams
Thieving Magpie OvertureRossini
Violin ConcertoBeethoven
Symphony Number 1 in G, Winter DreamsTschaikovsky
Der Freischutzvon Weber
Excerpts from Louis RielR. Murray Schafer
Four Last SongsStrauss
Symphony Number 2Brahms

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Jazz Repertoire

With various school jazz bands, I played a lot of jazz and blues. Two pieces really stand out for being fun -- and occasionally terrifying -- to play:


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