Travel Tips for Cancun, Mexico

Here are some pages with advice to help you plan a first vacation in Cancun, Mexico:

  • Choose a hotel out of the dozens in the tourist brochures
  • Avoid falling into expensive tourist traps; instead, find deals and discounts
  • Plan tours to the Mayan ruins and nature parks, and get great photos
  • Find your way around the city and the hotel zone
  • By getting this information in advance, enjoy your vacation starting right from day one

Before vacationing in Cancun, I consulted travel brochures, Internet sites, and friends who had visited there. If you read and ask about Cancun, you will get the same general facts over and over, but probably not a lot of detail. So these pages skip over the easy stuff and get into the details that can really improve your sightseeing, shopping, dining, photography, and so on.

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