Salad Days for Vegetarians

The World Wide Web finally provides a short answer for people who ask, "Why did you become a vegetarian?" and "So what do you eat?". Now all I have to do is quote this URL!

Toronto offers a lot of places where vegetarians can shop and eat, but finding places that are good and close to you can be a chore. I'm compiling some information about vegetarian places to eat and shop in Toronto in a Lotus Organizer file, with cross-references by categories like city area and type of cuisine. Download the file (19K, requires Lotus Organizer. Thanks to the Toronto Vegetarian Association for many of the listings. You can also get the data as comma-separated text.

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I've also got a section with vegetarian cookbooks in my online bookstore.

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I'm one of those "gradual" vegetarians. Starting in 1984, I kept reducing the number of kinds of meat I ate until it got easier to say "I'm a vegetarian" rather than listing the things I wouldn't eat. My personal reasons were:


When I first became a vegetarian, I didn't know much about nutrition and for several years subsisted mostly on junk food. I grew up in Newfoundland, where the traditional recipes lean heavily on seafood and pork, and where there are few specialty or multicultural food stores. Dinner at home was typically potatoes, turnip, carrots, and something, I just left out the something.

There is a stereotype that vegetarians must be wild about salad. Personally, I'm neutral on green salads and don't care for many green vegetables. Tofu doesn't excite me either.

Here are some things to consider if you're thinking about becoming vegetarian or have vegetarian dinner guests. My kitchen usually contains most of:

Recipes without Frontiers

I've now added enough recipes to justify a separate page.


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