John's Greek Photo Gallery


Plan to make a daily morning pilgrimage to a little bakery like this one.



Delphi is way way up in the mountains. It really gives you a sense of how much effort went into a pilgrimage, or a military campaign. Clearly, in any fight, the person who didn't just walk up a mountain would win 99.44% of the time!


Behind Delphi is Mount Parnassus. You can hike up and down it for 6 and a half hours without reaching the Corycian Cave. A hat and lots of water are recommended.



My favourite restaurant in Greece, Tamam on Zimbeliou in Hania. Plenty of time to soak up the ambience before you need trouble yourself about food.


Athena and Hades, from the museum in Iraklion. If there were multiple statues or paintings of the same deity, they all looked pretty much alike, so the Greeks knew for sure what each one looked like.


When the pain from the sunburn subsides, why not treat your knees to another 6-hour hike, this time all downhill? The Samarian Gorge is like the Grand Canyon of Europe.


Chapel of the Monastery of Arkhadi. I got off the bus several miles too soon; unknowingly violated the dress code; mistakenly photographed the inside of the chapel; missed the bus back to town.



Attention all vegetarians: When you visit Santorini, make sure to stop into the "Rooster Grill" on the main street in Fira, and order a "souvlaki horis kreas" (without meat). Flora will make you one with a filling of fried potatoes. (You may have to remind them about the potatoes if Flora isn't there.)

Would this door really keep out a determined intruder?


Same goes for this one. Good gracious, haven't they heard of the ClubTM and pepper spray?


A nice little back yard with no grass to mow and edibles within arm's reach.


You see 'em on all the postcards, and yes they do really look like that.


You can view the sunset in Fira from most any restaurant, bar, or path overlooking the caldera.


In Oia, you have to trek down to the far end of town. It was too cloudy to see the sunset itself, but the effect still works. People stake out their spots 2 hours in advance.


Santorini still has volcanic activity, on this island in the middle of the caldera.


Carmen, Monica, and Alessandra on a day trip from Ios.