Alternative John Russells

Every John Russell has a high standard to aim for. Here are some of the accomplished torch-bearers:

While developing this web page, I made one phone call to Newfoundland (population ~550,000). As soon as I identified myself, I had to clarify, "No, I'm not the John Russell who sings, I'm the John Russell who plays the trombone".

The House on Willis Avenue

There is an episode of The Rockford Files where James Garner is trying to find a shadowy villain by the name of "John David Russell". All through the 2-part episode (scroll almost to the end) we never see the guy but they keep saying his name over and over. In the end -- spoiler warning -- it's revealed that the criminal mastermind is in fact a rogue self-aware computer. After seeing this episode, my choice of career was pretty much set (except for the crime part).

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